Which Spa is Best?
What's the Best Hot Tub?

Common questions....yet, a better question should be "Which spa is best for me?" The answer for the corrected question is not easy. A professional spa sales person and yourself should decide the best spa for you. You should prepare yourself with direct questions regarding several areas of concern. A few of these are;

  1. Dependability
  2. Local Service Availability
  3. Experience / Time in the Industry
  4. Reputation in your area
  5. Efficiency of Operation (in YOUR area or with YOUR kWh rating in an area with similar annual weather conditions)
  6. Warranties and Who honors those Warranties
  7. Time of Manufacturing Spas in this Business (are they going to be around for a while?)
  8. Delivery (access requirements and set-up)
  9.  Electrical requirements
  10. Cover (durability and style (tapered?) as well as snow load).

The obvious parts of a spa purchase would be;

  1. Comfort in Seating and Jet Placement
  2. Wet Test if at all possible. This is NOT conclusive since most of us would test a spa after a long day. I could put you in a bathtub filled with warm water and you may think it's great at the end of a normal stress filled day. Most time spent in a spa is without the jets turned on. If you can stay in the seats and they FIT, you are probably on the right track toward a wise decision.
  3. Value and Budget** (can I afford this spa?)

The accessories that tend to be most beneficial are;

  1. A floating soft cover, installed under the hard cover 
  2. Ozone generators (to reduce chemical usage)
  3. Foot well jets (a worthwhile distraction allowing lasting effects from back jets)
  4. Whirlpool jet to create a true "whirlpool" (proven therapy) 
  5. Neck and shoulder jets

**Value is the (1) price + (2) quality + (3) service. Always shop for value. If you have to flex on one of the three, make it price. You should not sacrifice either quality or service


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