Spa Buyers Guide

The various aspects of a self-contained, or portable spa covered in this section include;

Message Board*:
Ask a question! Get opinions and advise form fellow shoppers and long time experienced hot tub and spa owners.

The Shell Material*:
The spa shell holds the water and gives you a place to sit. Most spa shells today are made of some type of plastic, and there's quite the variety.

The Spa Cabinet*:
The cabinet is the exterior surrounding the spa. Wood is the most popular, but composite materials are quickly catching up.

Jets & Therapy*:
There's a wide variety of spinning, whirling, pulsating jets. How they work and how they're plumbed, along with the rest of the spa, can effect the therapy and physical satisfaction you experience.

Spa Pumps*:
Bigger isn't always better.

Spa Filters:
Keeping the water crystal clear and clean.

An important aspect of controlling operating costs, and sometimes one of the most controversial aspects of a spa.

Spa Covers*:
The most important aspect of controlling operating costs, often overlooked by consumers, frequently skimped on by spa manufacturers.

Understand the different areas and what is, and what is not covered.

Installation Considerations*:
Things you may have not considered in preparing for delivery and installation of a new portable spa.

Shopping a Home Show or Fair*:
Great for checking out many different spas side by side, not necessarily great for getting a good deal.

Buyers Anxiety*:
Purchasing a spa doesn't need to invoke the stress and anxiety many suffer.

Maintenance Issues*:
Some of the chores you can look forward to once you own a hot tub or spa.

Many many of the features and options of a spa are completely open to personal preferences and desires. What a salesman may say is "the best" in the industry, may in fact be extremely uncomfortable for you. This is part of why "wet testing" is so important. Yes, wet testing.... Take your swim suit and towel to the dealership and actually try out the spa you're considering buying! Another reason for wet testing is that the buoyancy created by water can completely change the feeling from sitting in a spa dry.


Hot Tub Quotes

Hot Tub Quotes